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Dr. Michael Adams, President of The University of Georgia, recently announced a significant and specific series of commitments which will be enormously helpful in assisting many of our Dreamers, and some other Greene County students, prepare for, be accepted into and graduate from top-flite schools like UGA.

Excerpts from Dr. Adams' letter to Tom Kelly concisely describe why the Dreamers Program is so excited about our expanded partnership.  Per Dr. Adams:

  • The University of Georgia is concerned about the low representation of historically underrepresented students in our institution, as well as college and universities statewide.
  • We recognize the need to connect with students while they are in middle school and high school.
  • We have been involved with The Greensboro Dreamers Program since its inception by providing University students in the Black Educational Support Team (BEST) Program to mentor and lead activities on a weekly basis.
  • As part of this new grant (a 21st Century CLC grant recently awarded to the Dreamers and Greene County Schools), the University of Georgia will commit to working with the Dreamers and other 6th-12th grade students in the following ways:

    • Continuing to provide mentors and group leaders
    • Coordinate residential summer programs at the University to expose students to the vast opportunities available in college through participation in educational and social activities
    • Provide additional academic preparation
    • Partner with your program and local school administrators to conduct a needs assessment and offer empirical solutions to meet identified needs and address issues
    • Partner with your program to maximize the anticipated benefits derived from the 21st Century CLC grant.

The Office of Institutional Diversity, under the leadership of Associate Provost Dr. Cheryl Dozier, will be tasked to coordinate this institution's efforts to provide support outlined above for this effort.

Michael F. Adams

  How 'Bout Them Dawgs!

  Note:  Apologies in advance to our Tech and Gator friends.



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